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Eyeglasses: The Newest Fashion Accessory

There was a time, not too long ago, when eyeglasses were considered ugly and unacceptable in the world of fashion. People dreaded hearing that particular diagnosis from their eye doctor and would beg for contact lenses or just as well leave the eyewear in their drawer, causing their eyesight to grow even worse. Then, at the turn of the century, everything began to change. A new standard of fashion emerged, wherein everything that was once associated with the uncool was now fashionable. All of the sudden, people were clamoring to wear eyeglasses as their new fashion accessory, not only accepting their diagnosis, but reveling in it.

Eyeglasses and Style

Eyeglasses are often needed for sight. As a matter of fact, many people are not candidates for contact lenses, and therefore have no choice but to wear eyeglasses. However, some people may find they no longer need them for sight due to Lasik surgery and still opt to wear the eyewear to make a statement. Whether it is a result of the Hipster movement or the simple concept that these “pieces of flare” allow one to further express who they are, it appears as though this new fashion statement is here to stay.

The industry has become quite used to this new fashion statement, as eyewear companies are presenting newer, more fashionable eyeglasses on a daily basis. Even the lenses are being fit for style and fashion, as opposed to necessity. Now, the most intense prescription lens can be found in a thin, weightless fashion that is easy to wear and goes with everything.

Types of Eyeglass styles

This new use of eyeglasses has created an entire fashion industry. There was a time when all that was available was the wire-framed glasses and maybe one or two plastic frames. These frames were the same for anyone who needed glasses and sunglasses were the only types of eyeglasses that were sold with more exciting patterns. This is no longer the case. Of course wire frames are still available, and oddly enough, quite popular. However, now, you can get any style of frames your heart desires. Everything from bejewel spectacles to animal print, and everything in between, can be found to fit your eye lens prescription. And, if you do not need the prescription, you may by the frames with dummy lenses. Even the Dollar Store has gotten in on the trend, offering glasses and reading glasses in a beautiful array of styles and strengths.

Being as eyeglasses are the newest fashion accessory, many people may shy away from Lasik surgery or other methods that would decrease the need for eyeglasses. This does not have to be the case, as many stores will outfit anyone in eyeglasses, even with no prescription, for fashion purposes. Therefore, if you are interested in maintain your eye health and are still looking to wear glasses for fashion, call the experts at Rittenhouse eye Associates today. They will happily provide an eye exam and discuss your options, including purchasing a fashion pair of eyeglasses.

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