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Dr. Harris performs his LASIK surgical procedures at the Plymouth Meeting TLC Laser Eye Center. When you make the decision to have LASIK, your focus should be on quality care, experienced doctors, the latest technology and a commitment to results. You’ll find all of this at TLC Laser Eye Centers; and when you do, you’ll feel the difference and see the results.

TLC Laser Eye Centers Commitment to Quality Assurance and Improvement

Continuous quality assurance and improvement is a way of life at TLC. Their high-level safety standards have been developed for all aspects of care and service.

  • TLC doctors like Dr. Harris are provided with access to a team of nationally and internationally recognized doctors and leaders in the development of refractive surgery.
  • The TLC staff must meet rigorous hiring guidelines, participate in continuing education and complete required certification and training.
  • TLC equipment, facilities and surgery suites are continuously monitored and maintained for optimum patient safety.

With high safety standards, detailed data tracking and accomplished clinical teams, TLC is able to provide patients a high quality experience with the best possible surgical outcomes.

The TLC Lifetime Commitment®

TLC stands behind your vision results for life because they have confidence in their surgeons and in the stability of patients’ long term results. They are invested in helping you maintain the best possible vision throughout your life.

They call this the TLC Lifetime Commitment. The primary benefit of the program is TLC’s assurance that if an enhancement is needed to maintain vision results, clinically qualified participating patients will receive a same technology enhancement procedure without charge at any TLC Laser Eye Centers location across North America.

Call us if you have any further questions about TLC Laser Centers or having your LASIK procedure done there by Dr. Harris.

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