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The Basics of Lasik Eye Surgery

Everywhere you turn, you hear about the benefits of Lasik eye surgery. You likely have several family members and/or friends who have undergone the procedure and cannot stop talking about how it changed their life. As happy as you may be for them and their live changing eye procedure, you may not have any idea what this procedure really is or how it is performed. Your just know it is a great option for people who want to see without corrective lenses. Before you even look into whether you would be a qualified candidate for this eye procedure, it may be best to learn what is actually is.

Lasik Eye Surgery by Definition

By definition, Lasik eye Surgery uses a laser to correct your eye sight. The procedure is used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and even astigmatisms. This covers the issues most people wearing glasses or contacts face. Eye issues not corrected by Lasik eye surgery include: glaucoma, lazy eye, or cataracts, to name a few. However, the corrections made through this procedure can aid in the patient’s ability to see without the need for corrective lenses most of the time.

How Does Lasik Eye Surgery Work?

Lasik eye surgery is performed in a surgery center as opposed to a hospital. It is an out-patient procedure that takes a total of an hour in most cases, although the actual act of the procedure may take just under fifteen minutes. During the procedure, a thin flap is cut on the center of the cornea. You are awake during this procedure and may feel slight discomfort. No reported cases of severe pain during this part of the procedure have been found. This is just the beginning of the procedure.

Once the flap is created, the fun begins! During Lasik eye surgery, lasers are utilized to reshape the cornea, Depending on the vision issue, the cornea will be reshaped to address those particular issues. The laser is computer controlled and is programed to provide the exact amount of energy and heat to make the proper changes. Upon completion of the reshaping, the flap is closed. These steps are then repeated on the other eye. According to most people there is only discomfort, but little to no pain felt during Lasik eye Surgery.

Lasik Eye Surgery Healing Process

Now that the procedure is complete, you will want to know about the healing time most people experience from Lasik eye surgery. The truth is that recovery time is quite minimal. The typical patient will visiting with his or her eye doctor the day following the procedure to see how the eye is healing and to check the scope of vision under the new, reshaped eye. The pain and discomfort is typically minimal, and all that is usually required are for medicated eye drops provided by your eye care provider to be dropped into your eyes immediately following surgery and for a few days afterwards to prevent any infections. Lasik eye surgery is among the fastest procedures one may ever undergo.

If you are interested in finding if you are a candidate for Lasik eye surgery, contact the team at Rittenhouse Eye Associates at (215) 525-6821.

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