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TLC Laser Eye Centers is one of the largest, most-respected network of laser eye centers in the world!

Cataract Surgery

Precise Vision Restoration

Cataract surgery is a delicate procedure that replaces your clouded lens with a permanent implant restoring sharp crisp vision.

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Rittenhouse Eye Associates

Walter Harris, MD, President and Owner of Rittenhouse Eye Associates has nearly three decades of surgical expertise with up-to-date training and knowledge of the latest and most effective eye surgery techniques and equipment. Whether you are just beginning to experience some vision difficulties, want use Lasik to correct chronic near or farsightedness and leave your glasses or contacts behind, or would like to explore the newest accommodating lens solutions for cataract treatment, Dr. Harris and his staff here at Rittenhouse Eye Associates can offer a solution with compassion and a focus on your long-term eye health.

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Rittenhouse Eye Associates specializes in many ailments related to your eyes such as Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Astigmatism, and other eye conditions related to disease or trauma with both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Lasik Surgery - Rittenhouse Eye Associates, PA

Lasik Eye Surgery

We provide the most technologically advanced procedures in the Philadelphia area.

Eye Exams - Rittenhouse Eye Associates

Eye Examinations

We perform full eye examinations and discuss the best options with you for your eyesight.

Optical Shop - Contact Lenses - Rittenhouse Eye Associates, PA

Cataract Treatment

Because of advances in microsurgical techniques, cataract surgery results in significant improvement in vision.

Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment - Rittenhouse Eye Associates, PA

Glaucoma Treatment

With our advanced technology, we can diagnose glaucoma and treat it in its early stages.

Our Doctors

Professional and Specialized

Rittenhouse Eye Associates are fully staffed with friendly and professional doctors that can help you with just about any condition related to the human eye.

Dr. Walter Harris Jr., M.D.

Dr. Walter Harris, a graduate of Johns Hopkins Medical School, is board-certified in Ophthalmology and has been trained in the latest Lasik techniques.

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Watch our introductory video about who we are as a practice and the services that we provide at our facilities. Whether you are looking to break free from glasses or contacts, or suffering from blurred vision due to cataracts, the professionals at Rittenhouse Eye Associates can get you back on track to clearer vision!

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