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Rittenhouse Eye Associates in Philadelphia, PA has been helping patients with their eye care for close to 3 decades. Whether you need to be fitted for eyeglasses or contact lenses, need an eye exam, interested in lasik surgery, have cataracts or glaucoma,the professional staff at Rittenhouse Eye Associates can help. Schedule an appointment today!

Advanced Technology

Today’s technology ensures that a comprehensive analysis of your sight problem can be obtained quickly, accurately, and comfortably. Dr. Harris uses the most advanced proven technology to make sure that his patients receive the best and safest care technically possible.

Eye Examinations

Dr. Harris and our on-site optometrist Dr. Ngoc Au, performs eye exams for glasses and contacts, and to evaluate eye health. Patients who are nearsighted, farsighted, or suffer from astigmatism are properly evaluated and offered glasses, contacts, or Lasik surgery to see well.

Eye Health

The eye has been called the window into the soul. It is also a window into your general health. Threats to your general health such as diabetes, hypertension, liver, and kidney disease may first present during a routine eye exam


Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness, affecting about 3 million Americans per year, but half of them don’t know it. That’s because glaucoma often has no symptoms at first. Thanks to advanced medical equipment, we can diagnose glaucoma and treat it in its early stages.

Prepare for Your Visit

Eye care is the one field in which insurance companies make a distinction between medical care and ‘routine’ care. Routine eye care is defined as fitting for glasses or contacts and examining people with healthy eyes. Routine eye care is not covered by medical insurance but by routine insurance called vision plans.

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