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Be Proactive About Your Eye Health

The eye has been called the window into the soul. It is also a window into your general health. Threats to your general health such as diabetes, hypertension, liver, and kidney disease may first present during a routine eye exam. Conversely, if you suffer from systemic illnesses which can affect your vision, your primary care may want you to have periodic eye exams to ensure good eye health.


Diabetes is a disease in which your body does not use and store sugar properly. High blood sugar levels can damage blood vessels in the retina, the layer in the back of the eye which acts like film in a camera, ‘taking a picture of what you see and sending it to the brain. Damage to the retinal vessels is called diabetic retinopathy, and untreated can lead to blindness. A comprehensive eye exam is recommended when you are first diagnosed with diabetes and at least once a year thereafter. If you suffer from diabetic retinopathy, there are many treatment options available. Nevertheless, early detection of diabetic retinopathy is the best protection against loss of vision.


High blood pressure can cause damage to the retinal vessels and swelling of the optic nerve, the nerve which connects your eye to your brain. If you have any of these changes, we may refer you back to your medical doctor to have your blood pressure medications adjusted.


Headaches may be due to a range of problems from simple stress to something as serious as a brain tumor. The doctors at Wills Eye Physicians – Rittenhouse Eye Division can work with your primary doctor or neurologist to properly diagnose your headache so that appropriate treatment can be instituted.


Many medications such as blood pressure pills, steroids, intererferon, arthritis pills, and chemotherapeutic agents can affect your eyes . We will work with your other doctors to treat ocular side effects from you systemic medications and when appropriate, recommend changes to your medical therapy.

There is an (eye) in team

The doctors at Wills Eye Physicians – Rittenhouse Eye division consider themselves part of your medical team. We strive to send progress reports to your other doctors after every eye exam. We believe good eye health equals good general health.

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