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Today’s technology ensures that a comprehensive analysis of your sight problem can be obtained quickly, accurately, and comfortably. Your doctor uses the most advanced proven technology to make sure that his patients receive the best and safest care technically possible. Listed below are some of the different technologies we use to ensure that we provide you with modern and advanced eye treatment.

  • Corneal topography maps the surface of your cornea to produce a 3D computerized scan used for LASIK , cataract surgery planning,and difficult contact lens fits.
  • The Epic™ refraction system for precise glass prescription measurements including wavefront refractions.
  • Corneal Pachymetry to measure the thickness of your cornea to ensure you’re a good LASIK candidate.
  • IOL Master™ to make precise measurements for cataract surgery lens implants.
  • Computerized Visual-Field Analysis to evaluate for glaucoma. The test takes less than 15 minutes, one-fourth of the time of traditional methods.
  • Fundus Camera that takes a picture of your optic nerve and retina to diagnose glaucoma and diabetes. By comparing these pictures from visit to visit, Dr. Harris can pick up any changes before they become problems.
  • Retinal Ocular Computer Tomography (OCT) a laser scanner to evaluate and monitor diseases of the retina (the light sensitive tissue in the back of the eye).
  • Argon, YAG, and SLT Lasers which can be used to treat glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetes.

If you have any questions about our technology and how it impacts your eye treatment, please call our office at (215) 525-6821.

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