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Why You Are NOT a Candidate for Contact Lenses

While eye glasses have become a fashion statement on their own, many people would still rather wear contact lenses over glasses for numerous reasons, aside from aesthetics. Some people are very active and feel that eye glasses get in the way. Some people do not enjoy the weight of eye glasses on their nose or face. Whatever the reason, many people would prefer the use of contact lenses, however, not all of those people are a candidate. Here are three reasons you may not be a candidate for contacts.

1. Allergies and Contact Lenses Do Not Mix

Seasonal allergy sufferers know that they will have good days and bad days. For the casual allergy sufferer, this is not an issue. Bad days may be days for glasses, and the remaining of the time, contacts can be worn. However, for those with sever allergies, there is rarely ever a good day. Most days include some form of eye irritation, runny nose, and/or cough. Putting anything into your eye will guarantee additional irritation that will make the perceived convenience of contacts a complete falsehood. It is best to stick with glasses if you are a severe allergy sufferer.

2. Eye Issues Mean No Contacts

Along with allergies causing issues for your eyes, some people are predisposition to have eye issues. These people may get frequent eye infections, treatment resistant dry eye, or even more severe issues, such as glaucoma. In these cases, not only are glasses recommended you will be unable to obtain a contacts prescription. Contacts will only irritate the eye more, causing additional eye infections and dry eye issues, as well as other eye related problems that will quickly go from bad to worse, or even unmanageable. Your eyes must be able to maintain a level of functional health to support any type of covering, such as a contact lens.

3. Your Overall Environment Makes a Difference

When it comes to any type of health aid, your overall environment plays a large factor. For instance, if you live or work in a particularly dusty environment, contact lenses will aggravate your eyes, defeated their purpose in helping you see better. Furthermore, if you are constantly on the go or simply young and inexperienced in life, you may not have the time or be in environment that is conducive to caring for your contact lenses as well as your eyes. These issues, as well as others, such as excessive smoke or other physical and environmental related factors, can cause you to find contact lenses to be more of a hindrance than a help.

If you are contemplating the best type of corrective eyewear for your lifestyle and health, contact the experts at Rittenhouse Eye Associates today. Their team of trained eye care providers will examine your eyes and discuss your options to help you decide whether contact lenses or glasses are best suited for your daily needs. The important thing to remember is that no one answer fits all. Therefore, it is essential to start your journey into corrective eyewear with an opened mind, as Rittenhouse Eye Associates may surprise you.

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